Better Than Cash Alliance Responsible Digital Payments Guidelines (2016)


The Better Than Cash Alliance Responsible Digital Payments Guidelines reflect years of global discussions on the key characteristics of responsible digital financial services. A key starting point was the 2014 Responsible Finance Forum V conference on Responsible Digital Finance, followed by the 2015 Responsible Finance Forum VI conference on Evidence and Innovation for Scaling Inclusive Digital Finance. The guidelines reflect insights from international principles, standards and codes relevant to digital payments services, they also offer substantive guidance from international bodies such as the G20 Global Partnership on financial inclusion and international standard setting bodies.

The guidelines set out eight key good practices, which show respect for digital payment clients and practical examples of how practices might be implemented. The good practices cover the following topics:

  1. Treat Clients Fairly
  2. Keep Client Funds Safe
  3. Ensure Product Transparency for Clients
  4. Design for Client Needs and Capability
  5. Support Client Access and Use Through Interoperability
  6. Take Responsibility for Providers of Client Services Across Value Chain
  7. Protect Client Data
  8. Provide Client Recourse

Ros was the lead drafter for the guidelines, while working as a consultant for the Better Than Cash Alliance.

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