Eswatini: Market Conduct Review: Pricing Transparency and Disclosure and Fair Fees (2019 – 2020)


This project supported the Government of Eswatini in implementing reforms under the Government’s Financial Sector Development Implementation Plan 2017 that are geared towards improving financial inclusion.

The diagnostic review for the project involved a detailed analysis of current Eswatini regulatory requirements and business practices relating to savings and transaction accounts (including payments accounts but not credit products). The aim was to identify key gaps and deficiencies with pricing transparency and disclosure (both product costs and returns) and fairness of fees and charges. The review was based on the World Bank͛ Good Practices for Financial Consumer Protection, 2017. Following the diagnostic review, a detailed report was prepared with recommendations.

The project was supported by the Financial Sector Reform and Strengthening Initiative (FIRST), a multi – donor facility administered by the World Bank.

Ros led the diagnostic review mission as the senior consultant for the World Bank and was the lead author of the resulting report.

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