Maldives: Small And Medium Enterprises Bill (2011)


The Small and Medium Enterprises Act 2013 (SME Act) sets out the Government’s policy and principles to promote and support micro, small and medium enterprises in the Maldives. The following quote from Abdulla Ameen, Minister of State for Economic Development explains the purpose of the Act: “The SME Bill includes important provisions to address the main challenges facing the SME sector. The objective of the Ministry is to ensure effective implementation of these special provisions on financial assistance, market access and formalization of the sector such that these enterprises are given the opportunity to grow and make a meaningful contribution to economic growth” (see the UNDP Press Release in the Project Assets).

Ros drafted the SME Act and conducted related background research and stakeholder consultations under the terms of her consultancy with UNDP.

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Project Resources

Small and Medium Enterprises Bill 2013 ( An English version of the Law is not available at the present time)

United Nations Development Programme Press Center April 14, 2013: ‘Law passed in Maldives to Support Small Businesses’.