Nigeria: Financial Consumer Protection Diagnostic Review and Implementation Support (2017 – 2018)


The World Bank undertook the 2017 diagnostic review at the request of the Central Bank of Nigeria. The review covered the the banking, non-bank financial institution and payment sectors. It was based on the version of the World Bank’s Good Practices for Financial Consumer Protection current at the time.

Following the review, implementation support has been provided in relation to:

  • Advisory inputs into the development of the financial consumer protection regulatory framework
  • Market conduct and external dispute resolution capacity building for the Central Bank of Nigeria

The project is a component of Nigeria’s Financial Sector Strengthening Initiative Program, which is a World Bank Group and International Monetary Fund initiative supported by a multi-donor trust fund.

Ros was a key member of the team providing the above mentioned support. In particular, she was responsible for the diagnostic review of the payments sector in Nigeria and was a lead presenter in the market conduct capacity building support workshops provided to the Central Bank of Nigeria.

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Project Resources

Federal Republic of Nigeria Diagnostic Review of Financial Consumer Protection, June 2017 –